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RE: Morgan Aero 8



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Tuesday 26th November 2002
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I've emailed you about this. No point in diverting this thread off course with a different topic.



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Tuesday 26th November 2002
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In my opinion, the Aero 8 design is the result of a very profesional study, only that way was possible to get such a perfect combination of the original design with the latest concepts.


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Friday 29th November 2002
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Having waited 8 years for my plus8 my number came up again in 1999; I was early on the list for an Aero. In Houston some Morganeers showed me the supposed spec. I was not then and am not now prepared to spend that much money on something so unconvincing; check out the second hand prices. I'm sure the engine is sweet, but why did it fail at LM? The reason, which I had straight from the horse's mouth, says nothing for BMW or Mader reliability. I would NEVER buy a BMW normally.
The underpinnings are a credit to Chris Lawrence, but the styling!! I'm afraid not. I like the mechanics (except BMW) but prefer my plus8. I have done several "Straw Polls" at Morgan events and nearly 100% want to have the existing body on a better suspension; the sliding pillar/cart springs need consigning to history.
I read once the plus8 was for rich, strong armed types and that it 'Leapt from bump to bump'; if you could keep it on the road, it is fun. How true. It always gets a great deal of attention; in Barcelona we were treated like minor celebs. I like my car but will not lie for it. I hear party line views from many Morganeers. The car is idiosyncratic, anachronistic not terribly well made, overpriced great deal of fun.
People can be so patronising. If they want to part me from my £60k they should study my views. There is such a lot out there to choose from.
I hope it does well; I fear not.