Front suspension oil leak

Front suspension oil leak



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Tuesday 24th October 2023
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A friend has a 1966 Morgan Plus 4 with the one shot oil system for the front suspension. And lo and behold it’s leaking, quite badly. I’ve had a look online for how it all goes together and it appears to me there isn’t much in the way of oil seals in the kingpin assembly. There is a dust cover, some thrust plates and some bronze bushings and that appears about it. So I’m guessing an oil misting is about as oil tight as you may get? Anyone able to enlighten me any further?
We are looking to strip the front suspension down and to repair and renew once we find out what we’ve got.


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Tuesday 24th October 2023
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The one-shot oiler system was used by Bentley. I think adopted by Morgan. I had it on my 1993 car. It needs to be used with care to prevent over oiling. The general advice is every few hundred miles. Keep it if originality is important to you. If not then change it to a greasing method. Many people do this. Morgan went over to the greasing method themselves. You can add a remote greasing system instead of nipples to save getting under the car.
Have a look in . Look in the workshop manual section Look in maintenance section or just ask questions after signing in to an account ( may take a while as the mods running the site are sometimes busy)
There is plenty in there on the topic with very good advice. There are after market suppliers to get parts too.

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