Morgans in the Winter

Morgans in the Winter



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Tuesday 3rd December 2002
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I bought an '84 4/4 (XR3 engine) at the start of Sept. It's my only car. That gave me a month of dry weather to enjoy. It was awesome. They need constant fettling, which is half the fun, greasing the kingpins every 1000 miles being the most important. I've never enjoyed driving anything half as much. The outright performance might not be there, but the sense of speed and accomplishment in hustling it along country roads near the limit is brilliant. A biking jacket is just the thing for cold autumnal days.
As for winter, if you've ever done all-weather biking then this is the ultimate luxury. You've got a hood, a heater and wipers, what else d'you need? Instead of doing a 15 mile commute on the motorway I now do a 20 mile x-country run and arrive at work with a big smile.
The whole trip of Spitfire pilot motoring is there, which you can't get many places nowadays. It doesn't suit everyone but it's a unique experience for not a lot of money (mine cost £11.5k) and the depreciation is negligible.


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Monday 9th December 2002
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Rob, you've obviously cottoned on to the fact that traditional Morgans are the most fun you can have in a car w/o breaking any speed limits and while keeping your trousers on at the same time. Not as fast as others, but even within the speed limit you feel like your MOTORING with capital letters.

If you want to gas a bit more than the somewhat limited Morgan-related traffic on Pistonheads, check out


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Tuesday 10th December 2002
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Although my +8 isn't used every day I use it throughout the winter (57K miles in 7 years) I have found that regular use of the kingpins realy helps the longevity. I am still on my second set. The car gets serviced twice per year and I may grease or oil the pins a couple of times in between. (bad weather/roads = more frequent squirting.

Have fun