Tyres for +8.



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Wednesday 25th June 2003
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Need to replace tyres on my plus 8; came from the factory in '95 with P600's which have done many miles and are 8 years old for goodness sake!
What is a good fit these days? I do have a P6000 spare which seems pretty good. I believe Yokohamas stick well but wear out more quickly: seems the usual spin off. Any suggestions?


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Thursday 26th June 2003
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We have just had a brand new Plus 8 35th Anniversary arrive. They are now fitted with Yokohama A539 tyres. We have just been appointed Morgan dealer for Leicestershire. Our parts department are constantly well stocked.




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Sunday 29th June 2003
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You don't say whether you have 15 or 16" wheels. If they are 16", read on:

I've had Pirelli P Zero Rossos for 30,000 miles on my 4.6 and really liked them. Stick like glue, very little wear during track days, excellent in the wet. On average I got about 14,000 miles out of a set, which is very good as this includes a fair bit of driving at Autobahn velocities. The P6/600/6000s were/are not well-matched to a Morgan chassis and the only reason to use them is if you get them cheap.

Recently I swapped my CWWs for CAWs which came with Conti SportContacts. The Contis tend to wander in a straight line and lock up more easily under hard braking. They also squeal a lot more (even shifting into 3rd). They are good in the wet but overall I don't rate them as highly as the P Zeros.

The Yoko A539s are supposedly pretty good although for serious driving I'd give the Yoko A032Rs a try. They are the control tyre for the Morgan Challenge race series. Not a lot of tread on those tyres, though, so I'm a bit suspicious about their ability to displace lots of standing water. I might try them if I can overcome my prejudice against having Jap tyres on my car.

If you're anywhere near Andover, call Micheldever Tyres. They'll save you a bundle on a set of four tyres, and they are one of the few places in the country able to balance centre-lock wheels properly.