Rust proofing MG Midget 1500 for Uk winter?

Rust proofing MG Midget 1500 for Uk winter?



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Tuesday 2nd June
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I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to 'rustproof' a Midget for winter UK driving. I am on a budget of about £50. Currently, there is very little rust on the car as it has been parked in a garage for 4 years. I was hoping to get in running as a daily car and don't want it to rust.

Thanks in advance.

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Tuesday 2nd June
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If i ever get a classic beetle i will be getting it professionally treated with dinitrol. Supposed to be much better than waxoil or similar products.

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Tuesday 9th June
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1. rust proof the underside. Any old dried out, flaking waxoyl needs to be removed otherwise moisture will creep in between it and the metal. Fresh stuff reapplied. I dont use any as I dont drive my Midget in the winter, and just keep an eye on the paint.

2. rust proof the cavities - sills, chassis rails, toe board cavities, cavity around the rear spring mounts, rear inner wings and B post, A posts, front of bonnet, bottom of doors. These areas should all have drain holes which gives you access to squirt in cavity wax. I used bilt hamber dynax s50

These cars really suffer with rust, as do most from this era. You need to keep a close eye on the underside of the car and address any problems as soon as they arise.

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Friday 10th July
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I was going to suggest Dinitroyl, but you won't get that on a £50 budget. Lasts forever though. I think the MGOC will sell a tin and a spray applicator of waxoyl for not a lot of cash. Then do what Chris suggests above. Might be worth getting one of those microwaveable dehumidifier bags to stick inside the car to soak up any moisture in the carpets. They're only about 5 or 5 quid.