MGA - Registering a South African import

MGA - Registering a South African import



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Saturday 6th February
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Hi all! I'm in the process of purchasing a South African MGA - one that was shipped out and assembled in South Africa when new (CKD). However, it's not listed as 'built up' on the reg document, which I know has been an issue for some...

I'm looking to make sure that I avoid Q plates on it when registering it here, but as it's my first time importing i'm not sure of how this is legally going to go. As I understand, I need to prove the provenance of the car to get an age-related plate, so really looking for any suggestions as to how I can go about this for an MGA!


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Sunday 7th February
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I'd get in touch with the British Motor Museum, I think they still do hold the records of the BL factories, so should be able to provide a Heritage certificate from the chassis number. I'm not sure how far their records extend to CKD vehicles.

They should be able to provide enough evidence to prevent a Q plate.


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Tuesday 9th February
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I am just registering a californian car

I have a british heritage cert but sent all off to DVLA and they want to inspect... the car is in bits as its being restored so I have to wait now until its back together then inspect then hopefully a period number plate and V5C.