MGB electronic ignition

MGB electronic ignition



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Thursday 20th May
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Hi all

Reccomendations for a points replacement 'hall effect' type module for '78 MGB. I got one of these:

.. but it's hopeless. On the timing marks the car runs like a John Deere and only way to get it to run is to rorate right out of where it should be, but this then causes starting issues. Local garage, who know their classics, are as bemused as me.

Thought about getting a brand new 45D ( ) and sticking a module in. Apparently the electronic ones sold by the popular MGB suppliers are no good either - cheap copies??

I was put onto Distributor Doctor but the price is a bit steep. Sure they're great but it's a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut for a standard MGB.

Help please!

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Wednesday 16th June
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Apologies for not replying earlier, I've been trying to remember what I had fitted. Which is probably a clue how faultless it has been. I'm using a 1-2-3 ignition distributor, once fitted and set that has been all it has needed and it looks original.


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Accuspark module, been using one for years and 10's of thousands of miles. Never a problem.