Porsche GT3 to Radical RXC

Porsche GT3 to Radical RXC



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Wednesday 9th October 2019
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acey81 said:
JayK12 said:
I had the same thinking as you, go SR1. I ended up getting an SR3 from Performance Time. Their cars are really well prepped and plenty of support and info. I run the SR3 myself and its not particularly difficult, and seems pretty reliable. Personally I'd go second hand SR3 everytime.
Good to hear, I'm actually looking at an SR3 from Performance Time now. Trying to get my head around the running costs, and the difference in performance / maintenance between the 1340 cc and 1500 cc engines. If you have any insights into the running costs I'm eager to hear.

From what I gather the normal consumables such as discs and pads, hold up extremely well and maybe and can last for several seasons. I guess the main issue is the engine rebuilds which I guess would occur once every season or every other season.
My car came with about 7 hours engine load time. If your racing Radical do recommend a rebuild every 40 hours load time, however I have heard from many people doing up to 90 hours. As with any second hand race car you can have niggles. My forward gear failed so I had a new one fitted with a full GDU refresh at £800. That's the only cost I've had this year. If the car was new that wouldn't of happened, but a new car would have cost me over double.

If your just doing track days I can't see it being really expensive. As said the GDU refresh is all I have done this year. Fluid changes are circa £130. I run it myself and yes it takes some time to clean up after a track day and prep for the next day but not an age. Once you get used to running the car and checking for certain things its pretty straightforward, but there is always more to learn.

Performance Time do ship alot of cars world wide.

The Radical community in the UK is great, I have had a lot of help from race teams, individuals, everyone is more than happy to help and answer your questions.

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Tuesday 29th October 2019
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+1 http://www.performancetime.co.uk , well prepped cars, good selection and advice and they can also probably set you up with a good engineer to prep and maintain the car with storage and transport to track.


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Friday 22nd November 2019
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Hi guys. Just a quick update on this thread.

After a lot of consideration, thinking, talking I ended up buying an SR3 RSX. First test drive next week (if the weather allows it).

I was debating if I should get a road-legal RXC, the new-gen SR1 or the SR3. In the end, my man maths and intuition told me to go for the SR3 and I managed to find a good speced car that has just gone through a complete rebuild with 0 hours on the drivetrain from my local Radical Dealer.

I was in contact with Performancetime, and I got a very good vibe from Chris there, and if this hadn't suddenly appeared I would most probably have bought a car from them.

I might start a thread for those who are interested in how it is going from a GT3 to a Radical if I have the time and motivation.

Thank you for all the advice here, much appreciated.


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Friday 22nd November 2019
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Excellent decision, I bet your super excited.

Was in practically identical position, being about to pull the trigger on a car from Chris, when a factory refreshed car came up.

Got a really good vibe from Chris too. Yet to bump into him at the track in his RSX, but I'm sure it will happen.

No worries, Radical owners seem to be a friendly bunch - basically because we know we are like the cat who got the cream! I'd love to follow your progress with the transition, especially as you get used to passing those GT3's

Nice one, welcome to the club



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Friday 22nd November 2019
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Much more sensible to drive than a nasty old GT3. Works properly and the more you push the more grip it gives.

Mind you I quite like my GT3!


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Friday 28th February 2020
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Everything refreshed, seat fit done, wrap sorted. Missing series spec tyres from Hankook. Can't wait for the season to start! Just 30 sleeps to go...


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Wednesday 4th March 2020
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What a beauty


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Thursday 5th March 2020
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Looks great


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Thursday 12th March 2020
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Enjoy. Maybe see you at a track day.


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Wednesday 17th March
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I've read this thread with interest...any updates to report?