Differences between RS3 SL and RS or new RSX

Differences between RS3 SL and RS or new RSX



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Friday 1st May 2020
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Hi guys, I have few questions about those car geometries and specs.
Anyway, before that; I'm an Italian driver that has some proto-years at his back on the national hill-climb championship here, and from when I was a child the idea of driving a high downforce car on a mountain pass was a fixed point.
And when I managed to have the first experiences on formula cars I realized that I would have liked that lightness and handling on the road even in my Sunday outings, unfortunately, this could only be a dream.

Anyway, I already knew Radical, and some used them in our races, only a few years ago, however, I discovered that it was possible to homologate them in the UK and that there were models sold as street legal throughout Europe (actually two or three of SL's are in Italy).
Obviously we weren't talking about 40mm to ground with aero of a Norma or a GP2 but, anyway, they were the closest thing of a prototype on road out of races.

So, I decided that I would have bought one, but probably not being able to approve an old RS or a new RSX here in Italy I should have bought an SL.
Now, sorry for the long message, beyond the weight of 750 kg, compared to the 470-550 of the various racing versions, and the rear wing (which I have seen replaced with the original SR3 most of the times), what are the differences between the SL and the proto version?
I mean, in aerodynamic terms.
A bit higher from the ground (anyway nothing that can't be regulated) and the profiles are the same as the standard RS3 or Prosport PR6?

Thanks to all anticipated I'll leave here a video, just for fun, of a prosport on one of our famous uphill races.


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Saturday 2nd May 2020
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