PR6 Front Bearing Torque and Bolt...

PR6 Front Bearing Torque and Bolt...



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Tuesday 23rd June 2020
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I've been looking here, consensus appears to be 180-200 of fine English ft/lbs to be applied to the front hub nut.
My question refers to the Hub nut, so let us not get confused with the CL nut, I have four studs securing the wheel.

Old bearing is out (play appearing after the cars first test) and a (some) new one(s) will be with me tomorrow. Before removal, I attempted to tighten the hub nut (i.e. to check if the play was due to slack off), only to have it strip @160 ft/lb.... hmmm...
Cap head bolt holding it all together is a std. coarse M16 (12.9), closing two concavely conical spacers/washers (for want of a better description), Stripped nut is of unknown tensile quality, to be replaced with a 10.9 P. I assume this is what I should find in the front end? Torque setting for these components looks very high (to me).

Bearing was an 'SNR', contained grease (not as much as I had thought it would), showing no signs of distress bar a shiny groove on the inner race.

So.. IS the bolt in here what it should be? Is the torque setting of 180-200 ft/lb the right way to go?

One of the rears has also developed play after the testing, so that's next... hey ho.


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Tuesday 30th June 2020
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Here's the torques for various components.

M16 will take that torque no bother at all so I'd verify the torque wrench and the bolt to nut fitment inc thread. Think I replaced all the bolts/nuts when doing this job as well just to be sure, it's an important part smile



Edit - I've got spare front hub nuts/bolts from a PR6, if you want I could measure it up when I'm next in the garage?

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