Recommended body repair shop North Wales/Chester area

Recommended body repair shop North Wales/Chester area



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I'm looking for any help finding a good company to take my XK8, to sort out the normal areas of rust on her. I bought the car cheap from a private owner a while ago when I was offered it while working at his house. The car had been sat for 3 years so I spent a bit to get it back on the road, knowing that I'd have to spend quite a bit more on the bodywork at a later date. I've been saving a bit of money over the last year and the car just passed the mot last month (which mentioned the rust), I know it's time to get the bodywork done. I really love the car and want to save it, though I am worried how serious the rust is and if it has gone past the point of economical repair. So can anyone recommend a good place to take it, in the North Wales or Chester area ( I would be willing to go further if necessary)? Anyone used B&W Automotive?