who does Jaguar tuning

who does Jaguar tuning



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Sunday 13th April 2003
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I fancy starting a new project and my idea so far has been a XJS V12, but I want it fast!

Thinking along the lines of twin turbos or superchargers, possibly even NOS.

Something that will eat a 1/4 mile in under 12 secs sort of fast.

Does anyone know of a company that can tune?


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Thursday 17th April 2003
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Haven't got any up to date contact details and not sure even if some of them are still doing it, but for Jag V12 tuning the names Forward Engineering, Lister and TWR spring to mind. I would imagine Jag owners club could offer more help.


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Thursday 17th April 2003
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Paramount Performance....


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Wednesday 23rd April 2003
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You should give Racing Green a call. Not in your neck of the woods, but they seem to have done a lot with fast Jags.

They had a very tasty modified XK-R at the last VW meet I went to.


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Thursday 24th April 2003
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I think Graham, Paul and Richard have just about covered all your options. Best to start with the 6 litre variant, rather than the 5.3.