HELP! - V serious

HELP! - V serious



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Wednesday 16th April 2003
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How well do chipsticks work? would they be able to repair several small scratches and chips well?.
I need to repair part of the front bodywork on a Jaguar X-Type in Adriatic blue, its been grounded at the front and i have several small scratches dead centre. Due to the size of the incident there is no point in a respray but it looks awful. I would like to do a small repair that would take the sharpness away from the imperfection since its at the bottom and hardly noticeable i dont care if it is not 110% perfect. The damage was due to a low speed bump into a high kirb while parking.
How much do Jaguar chipsticks cost?
What would be a better alternative?
Are chipsticks hard to use?


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Wednesday 16th April 2003
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Do you mean the solid paint sticks? I've only ever had one of these when I had a BMW years ago (never used it) I would recommend you calling Chipsaway though.


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Thursday 24th April 2003
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I wouldn't waste the money on chipsticks, I used them to cover some paint on a probe i used to own. Your better off with a felt tip pen!