Looking for an XK8 Convertible, preferably red...

Looking for an XK8 Convertible, preferably red...



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Wednesday 7th May 2003
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Hi all,

A friend of mine runs a concierge service and is trying to source an XK8 Convertible for one of his clients, preferably in red, to carry out some wedding duties in the East Midlands on 19th June. Not entirely sure what the deal is, but I know it involves ferrying the bride to/from church etc.

If anyone is interested, or if anyone knows of any other places to post this message please let me know. Payment for services rendered/use of car is of course offered.

Disclaimer: I am only asking for my friend as a favour as he has got nowhere trying to find a car himself. I have no involvement whatsoever other than this, and will not be paid for this in any way (except maybe a pint or two to say thanks)