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Thursday 8th May 2003
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How do these two compare? Obviously the XK wins out on looks, but what about handling and the feel of speed? The XJ is cheaper second hand, and may be as much fun!

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Tuesday 13th May 2003
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I can only speak for the XKR. If you can manage with two seats with the rear seats for emergencies and short people only then the XKR is seriously good fun to drive.

It is not a country lane racer and if you throw it about the back end starts dancing - I'm told if you turn off traction control and throw it about it's lethal!!

But for a straight line thrash it gets there in 5.2 seconds (60 mph) and that's with an auto box ....

On the down side, when you put your foot down hard you can just hear the supercharger whine and nothing much else.....no V8 rumble. However, I understand that a Paramount exhaust can solve that particular problem and a rechip from the same guys increases the number of neddies from 375 to 425 approx if you really want more.

The interior is wonderul with lots of leather, wood, air con, six stack CD, etc and enough knobs and buttons to play with to last you ages before you get bored!!!

Lift the bonnet up and the engine is a really beautiful piece of engineering art with two bloody great blowers on the top.

Basic 9k service from a main dealer is only about 170, top insurance group, 606 for a set of new tyres - and you will really need to know where to go to get that price

Owned a TVR before the XKR - love both cars for different reasons but they both put a silly grin on your face when you stamp on the gas.....John.

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Tuesday 20th May 2003
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I'd buy the saloon. It's phenomenally fast, and has a lot more space. I'd also think it would be a better buy.