What goes wrong on XJ8s?.

What goes wrong on XJ8s?.



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Wednesday 21st May 2003
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I am thinking about buying an XJ8 and have noticed that high mileage cars (100K) are very cheap. I was wondering what sort of problems to look for and whether these cars are reliable at high mileage.


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Monday 4th August 2003
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I have had a 64K Mile XJ8 4.0 for over 12 months.
I find it excellent, apparently some models end up requiring a new block as the nicasil? coating wears through and one day it just wont start, seized bore and corroded. So Ive got my fingers crossed.
Forget the 3.2 they suck, get the 4.0 pretty much same mileage and more grunt. Otherwise they are streets ahead of the older models. Mind you my sunroof died, burnt out wire apparently they are very thin...
Siezed front disk, though it was only 320 for 2 new reco calipers, disks and pads fitted by an inde.