Advice re jaguars please....

Advice re jaguars please....


Jon Gwynne

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Tuesday 12th August 2003
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silverback mike said:
Thank you john,
I am pretty well smitten with an XJR, Ta for the info.

Be sure you talk to your insurance company before you go car hunting. The first quote I got was 4k/year.

Unfortunately, anytime the insurance cretins hear any of the performance buzzwords (turbo/super-charged, or see a car whose engine displaces more than 1.8L, they expect you to drop-trou for them.

Scumbags! I hate them. First they get laws passed requiring us to buy their product (and relieving them of the inconvenience of having to offer good value) and then the start engaging in business practices that would make a loan shark blush.

mike j smith

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Friday 15th August 2003
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silverback mike said:
Hi folks,
I have a bit o a quandry here. I currently own a Merc 300te estate which is a fantastic reliable efficiency wagon.
However, my intention was to buy a TVR which has hit the rocks recently due to baby number 2 which I am justifiably very happy with.
I still have a need for a sporty car, and have always admired Jaguars but have been ushered away by a very sensible wife.
I have always been under the impression they are excellent, but very expensive as they always go wrong.
Is this the case? I dont want to open a hornets nest, but would really appreciate some help in deciding whether to stick with the merc, or go patriotic with a Jaguar. And if so, which one?
Thanks for the help in advance folks,

Having been in the same situation as you (We have a 3 month old baby boy) We swapped our Porsche Boxster S and BMW Mini Cooper for a Jaguar X-type 2.5 Sport, for family use, (Comfortable, large boot, holds value better than oother Jags and has 4WD) and I also bought a TVR S2 for my summer thrills and both have proven to be excellent choices! The TVR keeps the smile on my, and the wifes, face and the X-Type is proving a very good car, they are now bringing out an estate if you really need more space!!!

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silverback mike

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Friday 15th August 2003
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hmm, you must have ben reading my mind...
I would have to sell my wifes seat leon first, a bit unfortunate as she is rather attached.
Definately food for thought though.