Accord Type R - 3.0 Sport X-Type

Accord Type R - 3.0 Sport X-Type



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Tuesday 29th July 2003
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A mate working for land rover mentioned these and have had aquick look. The company will actually let me have it rather than the porker I was looking to replace the type-r with. What the 4 wheel drive system like, also what is the mid range like???
I take it there are a few ford parts under the hood, but hopefully that keeps running costs down?
Thanx for the help.

silverback mike

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Thursday 31st July 2003
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Jaguar every time!!

mike j smith

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Friday 15th August 2003
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My wife has a X-type 2.5V6 Sport and it is a great car, the interior is not top Jaguar standard but better than most of the competition, better than Honday for sure! It drives well and has great grip from the 4X4 and is quite quick. The 3.0 is even quicker but then when you need a motorway cruiser for comfort it can do that as well and it has a very big boot!!!

Jaguar every time....!