MKII Jag restoration

MKII Jag restoration



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Monday 6th October 2003
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Can anybody recommend a garage to restore a MKII Jag? Looking for a garage that can be recommended by personal experience rather than just knowing a name. Not bothered about how flash the premises are, just bothered about the work they turn out. The job I need doing involves stripping down the car, repair corrosion and replacing some box sections, respray, refit.

In a perfect world North London would be ideal but will travel a sensible distance to get this done properly if it comes to it.



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Monday 6th October 2003
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It's a shame you're so far away.

I live in Manchester and the specialist who looks after my Jag is brilliant.

It still may be worth your while talking to him. He looks after a lot of older Jags (including a MKII he recently fitted with a power steerng rack) for poeple from down south. If fact he was working on a E-Type from France a couple of weeks back.

It appears they find it cheaper to put them on the back of a transporter and send them up here than pay London prices.

Let me know if you want any details.
failing that you could try the Jaguar Enthusiats Club adverts section, if you're a member.