RE: Jaguar XK-RS Concept

RE: Jaguar XK-RS Concept



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Tuesday 17th February 2004
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Money > Taste = Naff

The DJ 27

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Tuesday 17th February 2004
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Utterly gorgeous. The effect of the leaping cat embeded in the paint is fantastic.


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Friday 20th February 2004
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I'm with Don and Windandwave, That's disgusting. Every time I see someone with an XKR and a bodykit I want to throw up. The xk8 is one of the sexiest modern automobiles out there. What other car looks this fresh 7(!) years into its life. TVRs and ferraris, but those are only due to rarity/oddity, not beauty. the XK8 is aging better than the vanquish. Slapping a bodykit on it reminds me of those xjs's that came out with fiberglass bodies to resemblethe xk when it came out. Jag missed their chance on making a simple swb xk8 in the form of the xk180. letting the xk180 inspire the ftype was seriously misguided, and because of the ftype's infeasability, the xk range has suffered. Let's hope the next xk is close to the concept R... and not the R-D6.


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Tuesday 24th February 2004
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Jaguar does have the taste. They better leave the spoilerkits for what they are and built a car as a whole. Not some LEGO-thingy . . .


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Friday 27th February 2004
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mmmm... a little too jap tunerish if you ask me. Not saying i wouldn't have one. Give me an XKR body kit with these engine and chassis mods.... heaven