XJ6 Flooding

XJ6 Flooding



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Tuesday 10th February 2004
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I have a big problem with starting and running my 1997 XJ6 3.2 sport. Be grateful if anyone can give me a few diagnostic pointers as like some of you I don't want to pay for a garage to change multiple parts until they find the problem.

The engine appears to be firing but immediately flooding when I attempt to start. Removing the fuel pump fuse can usually get me started after a lot of cranking but it then runs like a dog at low revs and cuts out again. It seems to run smoothly enough when I get up the rev range a bit but misfires and stops when I lift off the pedal. My "Check Engine" light is on before I start but goes off while cranking or running. Another weird symptom is that the cooling fan starts up immediately even if the car has been stood for a couple of days.

Appreciate any info or similar experience even if it is a horror story.

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Tuesday 24th February 2004
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If your โ€˜Check Engineโ€™ light is coming on and staying on, then your Engine Management System is storing fault codes. You can either get these fault codes read by a dealer โ€“ costs money just for a code read โ€“ or, as I have done, buy a PC interface to read codes and view engine data. The 1995 onwards, X300 series Jaguars are OBD-II compatible and use ISO. Here is a link to a PC interface that will work on your XJ6:


If you have some fault codes read from the car, it may point you in the right direction.

However, as you mention that the โ€˜Check Engineโ€™ light goes out once the car is started/running then the ECU does not appear to be storing any major fault codes. It may have minor codes stored (those not serious enough to illuminate the light permanently) which might offer a clue to the source of this problem.

Sorry, I canโ€™t be of greater help with this fault.

Best regards,

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silverback mike

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Friday 27th February 2004
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I bet this is the same problem I had.
I put a post on here a few months back as I thought my engine was knackered, in short....it wasnt

My story in short.
Moved my XJ8 R reg sport about 10 feet. Switched off.
Next morning, wouldnt start, kept turning over until battery ran out.
Very confused, tried jumping, took fuel fuse out in boot, nothing.
Then....contacted the dealer who told me that they do tend to do this, and the only solution is to get in, floor the accelerator and literally keep turning it over (probably need a jump) until it fires.
I did this, and after a few minutes of chugging and having a go to start over it turned to clouds of blue smoke.
I learnt my lesson there, the car quite simply doesnt lend itself to small movements. Apparently TVR's do the same.
My engine was in great health, no nicasil problems, just literally excessive petrol.
Must admit, it surprised me that nowadays a car is affected by that, but there we go.

Have a dig around in my previous posts, I can't remember what the title is, but it is similar to your heading!

My check engine light came on until running correctly as well...

Hope it works for you

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