XK8 - any aftermarket companies?

XK8 - any aftermarket companies?



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Thursday 18th March 2004
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I brought my XK8 in Jan and appart from driving in the snow it's great. I am intrested to know if there are any companies offering spares, i.e. dealing in crashed ones etc...I know a number of companies who do break Range Rovers, someone must buy the XK8 write off's

All I'm looking for is stupid stuff like the boot net that used to be an extra, the local dealer told me that they no longer supply the extras book for the original version of the XK, mine is 1997.


Greg Wheeler

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Friday 19th March 2004
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Check out a copy of Jaguar World magazine, you might find some breakers in there... I would look but I've left my copy @ work on my desk