Instructions to change fuel maps on 14CUX Griffith, Chimaera

Instructions to change fuel maps on 14CUX Griffith, Chimaera



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Sunday 28th March
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Hi Mark

Thanks for that, I'll grab a copy.


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Sunday 28th March
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Have check the voltage and it settles at 0.34v. Would not having a carbon canister in the fuel return affect it?

blitzracing said:
If its one of my 3.9 maps the white map is TVR unmodified, the green non cat map is the one I've worked on so I would not be looking at the map as the first point of call. Do you recollect why we where trying another chip? Its worth checking the AFM standby voltage, as if it drifts upwards the engine will over fuel. To do this put a test meter and Insert the negative probe into the Red/Black wire (sensor ground), and the positive into the Blue/Green wire (Airflow signal). Now turn on the ignition, and the voltage should spike to near 5 volts as the hot wire heats up, then settle to 0.3-0.34 Volts. I had not realised how important this voltage was with no airflow, but now i've had a few faulty AFMs to play with it has shown if this voltage is wrong, the whole output is wrong up the scale. Fuel pressure is another thing, if the vacuum pipe is not connected to the regulator the fuel pressure is too high. and so it over fuels.

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KiwiRRC said:
stevesprint said:
If you do give the Aussie and Saudi fuel maps a spin let us know how they run.
Thanks Steve,
I really appreciate the help. Apologies for the slow reply - as a newbie I get blocked occasionally. Will let you know how I get on. I built a little rotary switch to swap between tune resistors. So far I couldn't spot a difference in the maps code - and haven't noticed a performance difference after a quick play. Might also borrow the original chip. And fortunately I live in New Zealand - so never that cold!

Hi All,

I have managed to get my hands on a 2nd 14CUX to have more of a go with and I love how easy it is to swap in and out so have a few more questions.
1) It turns out I should have been using low compression R3362 and my RRC does have Cats!. Is there a file available for that for download.
2) A mate is looking to put a 4.6l V8 in his RRC running off a 14CUX. Is there a recommended tune for that?
3) Finally - if I really what to play - is there one of your racing tuning that pep up a 3.9l low compression V8? Or is that just silly?