Disabling alarm & immobiliser

Disabling alarm & immobiliser



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Monday 22nd June
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We have an R reg (95 ?) car in the workshop (for bodywork) with this keyfob for the alarm cum immobiliser.

Presumably the blank button is "unlock", the padlock button is "lock" ?

The car will start and run straight after the battery is connected, but if left with the battery in for a few hours, it then won't turnover or start.

We suspect its the immobiliser interfering. There is a flashy light on the dash - what do the different flash rates mean ?

Is there a method of permanently disabling the sodding thing ?


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Friday 26th June
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The padlock button is to arm the immobiliser and alarm. The other button is to disarm.
If the battery has been disconnected , when reconnected you will have to press the disarm button several times until the red flashing light goes out. The fob is now re-synched to the immobiliser / alarm and the car should start.

If I remember correctly, the hazards will flash once when armed and twice when disarmed. ( Been a while since I've been out in mine)

HTH Typhoo