Camping in a Range Rover Sport

Camping in a Range Rover Sport



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Monday 15th April
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JQ said:
That's very much in the cheap blow-up mattress that will be uncomfortable camp.

You won't solve your issue by moving a st mattress and st sleeping bag from tent to car. The only meaningful difference is that you'll wake up damper in the car.

If you want to sleep well (whether in car or tent), then you need a mattress such as this, which contains foam and is far more comfortable than an air bed. They do them in singles which may fit in the RRS -

and a bag such as this, which will keep you warm -

Alternatively, continue with your crap sleeping bags and take a load of duvets and pillows from home.
yes Plus an empty lucozade bottle (wider neck...) to wee in in the morning.


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Monday 15th April
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Doofus said:
Sleeping in a car is bloody freezing, because of the air beneath you.
Nothing to do with being in a metal box then?


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Monday 15th April
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If you buy a decent tent, good sleeping back and a mattress then it will be a different experience to a cheap deal tent.

Sleeping in cars is cold, uncomfortable and you get woken up very early by the light.


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Wednesday 17th April
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Sixpackpert said:
That’s not a bad idea.

I might even go the whole hog and rent a proper camper van.