Buying a newsagent (any owners)

Buying a newsagent (any owners)



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Monday 6th July
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Algarve said:
plenty more examples where they came from!

Oh well, bang goes the Portuguese holiday plan too!

As to actually LIVING there..... yikes

Good job we’ve got the tabloids and t’internet to influence what we do/where we go etc etc otherwise we’d get in no end of trouble, eh?? laugh

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Tuesday 7th July
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Wilmslowboy said:
Contacted the agent three times (two calls, left messages and email), asking for additional information - no reply.

Either the seller has got cold feet or the agent is a bit pants.

My friend has upped his budget to £250k, (higher if it can be funded with some debt), looking for a well-establihsed business that can be run by someone with management and commercial skills (e.g no technical/ engineering background) - location agonist.

Any alternate places to look beyond Daltons ??

Christies, ukbusinessforsale and rightmove commercial. Selling through word of mouth is common however, especially for good stores. I normally hear who’s looking to sell down the cash & carry...

Which location is he looking at?! Also that budget would cover a good leasehold store, but freehold will probably be bit more, with alot having owners accomm above.

Does he have any preference for what type of store?! Would he be suited to quiter village store location or a competitive city centre or council estate...

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Monday 13th July
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Freshprince said:
we don't face any competition from a multiple (co-op, tesco express, Aldi). Gross profit margin is between 20-25% on turnover. Again we own the freehold outright so no significant outgoings. We operate under Premier symbols group (owned by bookers cash & carry) which we get deliveries once or twice a week and top-up at the local cash & carry as needed through the week. This affords us access to good margin stock, offers and rebates on stock purchases. There are other symbol groups such as NISA and Londis, which again you run completely independent, how you see fit. You can tie into a franchise such as One-Stop (Tesco) or Spar, but will have less control.
Booker is owned by Tesco, so I wouldn’t of thought a Tesco Express will open near any Londis, One Stop or Premier convenience stores.


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Thursday 16th July
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Upped his budget to over £250k, a few interesting online businesses now being explored, could be a model to buy a 2 or 3 subscale online companies and run them collectively.

Still chasing up the broker for the original conveiance store.