Social media marketing

Social media marketing



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Wednesday 1st July
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Evening everyone.

We have a new additional to our website/company going live next month and we need to push it via social media marketing.
Can anyone recommend a company or even a member who maybe able to help?

We dont have a huge budget initially, £400 - £500 per month but hoping to get this to £1000 per month within 6 months as demand grows.



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Wednesday 1st July
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What sector? Let me know and I’ll try and find you a decent freelancer as you’ll get more bangs for your buck.


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Wednesday 1st July
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Why use Social Media, it's probably the least useful channel unless you are intending to target a local audience, on mobile devices with no certain intent to convert. Your budget is little low too, especially if you want to pull in someone who knows what they are actually doing.


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Sunday 5th July
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I’m not entirely familiar with your business but you may also want to look into PPC and SEO to promote your website in addition to social media marketing. Drop me a message and I can forward you in the right direction smile


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Monday 6th July
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My Company do this but as the others have said your budget is a little low.

In certain industries, I wouldn't spend money on any other form of marketing apart from social, in others PPC or SEO are king.

Drop me an email and I will at least be able to give you some advice.


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Monday 6th July
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My / wife's company can help or at least give some free advice if you want. Send me a PM or visit the website