Lyrics to Porsche BoxSTAR

Lyrics to Porsche BoxSTAR



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Wednesday 7th July 2004
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EmmaP said:
Jeremyc you are a fantastic lyricist!

Can you sing all your songs at next year's bash as I think you'd go down a storm. Much better than one of the Friday night bands (a bit dodgy!!).

Keep up the good work!
I can't take any of the credit for the songs Emma; they were all written by other PHers (the TVR Blues should be credited to gaz_3884) and posted here before - I'm just collecting them all in one place.

Oh, and given my musical abilities you certainly don't want to have me singing them, or anything else for that matter.

Bob the Planner

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Thursday 8th July 2004
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jessica said:

Bob the Planner said:
fantastic - that has really cheered me up . Off to the pub now to kill a few more brain cells.


you really must drink more next year.!

Looking at the picture of me on Saturday night I don't think I had any left at that point, I must have found some more on Monday.


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Sunday 27th February 2011
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Just found a link to this in the PistonFest section; funniest thing i've read in a long long time ... pure genius lyrics!!!

Have to admit though ... whilst I have a decent motor now, it wasn't all that long ago that a had a Halfords Nova 1.3SR with the GTE bodykit, 12" bins etc. (Although even I wasnt so sad that I had any chrome, fake carbon, LEDs or neons!!!)


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Tuesday 1st March 2011
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Another verse we added along the way:

I know it is German,
Which is very wrong,
But it has nice mirrors,
and room for my tongs

Plus, there are many more far filthier versions that came about that night! hehe

(for those that don't know, it is sung to the tune of Mull on KinTyre)


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Monday 21st March 2011
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This thread popping up recently is really spooky: My OH's hairdresser came yesterday in her new car... which is a Porsche Boxster. smile