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Monday 28th October
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Also worth noting that the Orbi system is not a true MESH network. The end result to the average user is no different.... But its perhaps worth pointing out.


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Monday 28th October
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We have a BT line with a non-BT router (due to our office IT suppliers contract) and we live on the outskirts of a village with dodgy broadband at best.

I was averaging anything from 0.2mbps to 6mbps at best and I’ve installed a TP Link M4 Mesh system.

fk me......we now get 30mbps average and have no internet issues with two children who seem to download everything ever loaded to the net!

I have no idea how it works but it does and it does it very, very well. We have a very large house and I have full bar coverage for many, many m’s around the property (including the garden which covers almost 1 acre).

I paid £150 or so for the 3 box system and just added a further box for £60 to include the outside room.


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Tuesday 29th October
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I have google wifi as well, four points, three in the house and one outside in summer house type building, it receives a low signal it is about ten meters away from the house.

To be brutally honest i am not that impressed with the coverage within the house

wifi unit Point one is in a bedroom wired to the router, which is in bridge mode

Wifi unit two is in living room about eight meters away, good communication and mesh test results between point one and two

Wifi unit three is a further 7 meters away in and extension we built on the side of our house, this is this slight bugbear i dont get great mesh test results on this unit even though it is only about 7 meters away, i can only put this down to the original exterior wall of the house insulating the signal as i say they are only about 6 or 7 meters apart, and its not a soild wall there is a glass door between the house and extension.

Wifi point 4 as mentioned outside in a shed, not to surprised it has a low signal.

Google wifi app is brilliant though and very easy to use, great for limiting kids devices etc

I have read a few places that BT's mesh system is stronger than googles

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Tuesday 29th October
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I have the Linksys Velop Ac6600, 3 tri band units.
Never have any issues with it. It is connected to my Talktalk hub and does all the router work, I get full bars and full Internet speed 65meg anywhere in the house and also the garden (although not a very big garden)
I do run it with wired backhaul because I had this in place anyway so why not but so far after just over a year it's been faultless.

Each node has 2x gig ports so you can connect a switch to any one and cable some stuff.

The only downside I have is the parental controls only let you set by the hour so I can turn the boys Internet off at 2100 or 2200 but would like to be able to do it in 15min intervals. Other than that it's spot on.


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Friday 1st November
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Rick101 said:
Don't see them that often but just picked up two Google WiFi on fb for £95.

I know they are being superseded but I suspect 2 well placed old will still be greater then 1 new.
Well additional hubs arrived and still not that impressed.
One doesn't seem to be working at all which is a separate issue.

I installed the new third hub and the signal is poor.

I understood the whole point of this thing and massive expense was that you could effectively daisy chain the mesh points and you would have a strong network along that chain as strong as the original point.

In the google wifi app is states the connection of the new point (3) is poor and I need to move it within 10m of the primary hub.
What is the point of that? If all the extender hubs have to be within 10m surely that limits the range to 10+10m.

See hubs 2 and 3. Very close together yet 2 is 'Great' and 3 is 'weak'

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Tuesday 19th November
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Is this a good deal for the Linksys? Camelcamelcamel seems to think so, but I'm wondering if Black Friday will do better...


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Tuesday 19th November
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C2Red said:
Is this a good deal for the Linksys? Camelcamelcamel seems to think so, but I'm wondering if Black Friday will do better...
Seems good to me! Why not buy them and if they go down significantly buy the cheaper ones and send original back