Anyone use a gaming chair for work?

Anyone use a gaming chair for work?



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Thursday 7th January
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I'm now thinking of biting the bullet on a soft weave model (only slight worry is some reviewers mention the occasional static) - I note that even with the sale on you can still enter discount codes, so just wondered if anyone has any spare they're not going to use ? wink

daddy cool

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Saturday 12th June
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Bought a Noblechairs Hero Black Edition in June 2020, and on receipt noticed an oily stain on the seat. It wiped off, but by the next day was back. Contacted Noblechairs who promised a replacement seatback would be sent out - great customer service!

Except after several weeks it hadnt arrived... i was about to chase them up then noticed that the mark was fading, and eventually didnt return - i assume it was some kind of resin emitted by a glue or something, and eventually evaporated...

Anyway, fast forward to today - one year to the day!!!! - and a courier drops off a massive box containing a Hero Black seat back... which i dont need.
It also has a small cut in the back side of the seatback (~9mm) so wouldnt have even been suitable as a replacement if it still needed one.

So if anyone near Bracknell needs a not-perfect Hero seatback, hit me up...