Can't login to Wetransfer Pro



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Wednesday 22nd September 2021
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Since the weekend I've been unable to login to our Wetransfer account. I can enter the email and password, it then thinks a bit, goes to a mostly white screen and displays this message.

"Hmm, it looks like this page is having problems loading at the moment. We'll keep trying, or try to refresh it yourself."

I've tried several different browsers, clearing history and cookies. I can send files no problem with the free account.

I'm assuming it is an issue with my particular computer, as my boss can login with no problems, it works on my phone etc. I've had a google search but it hasn't helped.

Has anybody else had this issue, and figured it out?

Thanks, Mike.


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Saturday 9th July 2022
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Hi. I know it’s a year old thread, but did you managed to resolve this as I’m experiencing same problems.

Percy Cushion

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Sunday 10th July 2022
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Maybe try Wise instead? Never had an issue with them