Sky netgear router problems

Sky netgear router problems



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Friday 3rd December 2010
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Ive had my sky router, the white netgear one (cant find the model No.) for about 3 years now, yesterday it decided to stop working- the orange i light went off altogether, after a reset/hard reset it still wouldnt light up, even on boot up.
I had a spare identical router in the attic, so dug that out, plugged it in and it connected fine for about 12 hours then did the same thing.
The only difference is the only lights to work are the 1,2,3,4 whenever something is plugged in-there is no power, wireless or "i" light on.
Would it be possible that a faulty power adaptor has "fried" my router(s), I have everything plugged in to an anti surge so that hopefully rules a surge out, not sure if the "big freeze" could have had an effect?
Its just a bit too much of a coincedance that i now have 2 gubbed routers.
If I buy a sky router from ebay will it just plug and play, or do I need to register it or anything.
Sorry for long post.


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Friday 3rd December 2010
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I believe they are based on the DG834GT series, but with custom firmware.

It could be a dodgy power supply I suppose. Strange though.

IIRC you don't have to use a sky router, you can use any router but they wont support you if you use another router. Maybe someone can confirm that. Pretty sure there are many people out there not using the sky supplied ones.


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Friday 3rd December 2010
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Not sure you can use a non sky router. When I first started with sky I was waiting for my line to be connected and couldn't work out why my line hadn't been transferred yet until I changed to the sky supplied one and it started working straight away. As for the router itself, mine broke down (similar to op's symptoms) and just called sky up who sent me a new one straight away. Just make sure you emphasize the fact that nothing you have tried works!


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Friday 3rd December 2010
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Tiz indeed the DG834G/GT with sky's own firmware (v2.8)
Been have multiple problems with my sky connection, but that's another story.

You can use any other router (make/ model etc.) But you'll need to know your username and password: These differ to your sky online username and password, such as logging onto / checking emails et al.

To obtain these details it's worth while either joining and asking, or merely following this guide:

Simplest way however, is to clear 30-40 minutes from your schedule, get a cuppa ready and sit in the queue on the sky helpline waiting to ask for a FREE replacement biggrin