Horrible Ticking noise on w169 a class Petrol

Horrible Ticking noise on w169 a class Petrol



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My father has a lovely low mileage 2005 W169 A class and it’s been a great car for the last 5 years of ownership and only gets used to go down the shops about once a week if it’s lucky and has covered just 40000 miles and apart from the odd oil change and a few odds and sods it’s been brilliant.

Last week he went out in the car and it’s developed a very loud ticking noise which I believed was coming from the pulleys or water pump etc and is impossible to see as it’s a pig to work on and so drove it about 20 miles to a really good old school garage.

The car drives perfect and doesn’t use a drop of oil or coolant etc and the garage have only just had a glancing look over it but can’t find anything wrong with it at the moment so it needs further investigation.

Anyone now of any ideas of what the problem would be and it’s not transmission related as it does it while stationary and the noise doesn’t seem to get quicker the more you rev the engine.