A Class / GLA 250e Hybrid experiences?

A Class / GLA 250e Hybrid experiences?



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Friday 11th June
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Good morning,

Please can anyone share experiences of running the latest 250e Hybrid, wither A-class or GLA?

Ill have limited time to charge it up, does the petrol engine still have sufficient performance? How have you find the ride, handling and general running experience of these vehicles?

Many thanks for any replies.


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Friday 11th June
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Have just acquired a GLA 250 4motion AMG pack 2.0 petrol for our general use. It seems fairly competent in a lot of respects but the ride is harsh on any of the various settings jostling the occupants about, do not like the column mounted change for the automatic, headroom is limited because I have a sunroof. Unfortunately for me, it was an expensive mistake. It is not however the model you have asked about, but I suggest the general car will be the same whichever powerpack it has; my advice would be to have a car for the weekend if possible a normal test drive is not really sufficient.


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Monday 14th June
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I had a A250e for a day as a loan car whilst my E Class was in for a service. I've had a couple of current model A180d's as loan cars for a week or so in total, I've probably done a thousand miles or so in total. I ran a 2017 C350e for 2 years so I'm familiar with hybrids.

I'm not a fan of the A Class overall - I think they're trying way too hard to appeal to the iPad generation and project an image of sporty for drivers to post on their Instagram. They don't ride very well on a backroad, but they do settle out on the motorway. Some of the materials in the interior are not befitting of a premium car IMO and you can see its been built down to a price. The MBUX digital displays look good but the aspect ratio is wrong for me - they could do to be substantially taller. I'm a big fan of the column shift on Mercs, and it's good enough for Tesla - but the stalk itself on the A Class is a pretty nasty feeling item. Ultimately the drive alright, I wouldn't say they excel in any particular area.

As a hybrid though, I was very impressed with the A250e. It went well enough up to motorway speeds in fully electric mode and achieved a decent range of around 37 miles cruising at 70MPH. The C350e I had would have drained the battery after 6 or 7 miles at the same speeds; the 250e has about 3 times the usable battery capacity but even so it's considerably more efficient. Setting the speed limiter to 32MPH and hoofing it off the lights made the run into the city far more fun than the trip would otherwise be.

If you can live with the A Class interior, and the ride I'd say the 250e is definitely the powertrain to have.


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Monday 14th June
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You'll find a lot of real world insights from owners of A250e cars at the A class club where they even have a dedicated thread just for the A250e!