W211 E-class. Brake pad choice / SBC implications

W211 E-class. Brake pad choice / SBC implications



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Saturday 12th June
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I need to replace the front discs and pads on my 2004 E500. Popping a wheel off reveals discs that are 330mm across, and a VIN decoder reveals I have the 954 "Avantgarde equipment package" which stacks up with 330mm discs.

Whilst the discs are easy (just find 330mm ones!) I am struggling to find which pads I should be buying. There are at least two different sizes. Does anyone know how I can determine this without taking the old ones out?

I have an iCarsoft that I plan to use to deactivate the SBC. Is it safe to wind back the caliper with the reservoir lid loosely fitted or should I be clamping off the caliper hose and opening the bleed point to do this (I had one other car that was mandated on in a Haynes manual).


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Monday 14th June
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I had the same quandary as you on my 211 320CDI, and from a quick check they're the same setup.

The pads suit the Brembo calipers, with pins, get a new set as well!


As for SBC I used the double bladed tool to push the caliper back, and just took a small syringe of fluid out of the reservoir.

If you don't want to faff with the iCarsoft the SBC will automatically deactivate with all 4 wheels off the ground, but I used to do both as a backup.


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Tuesday 15th June
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I've got a copy of Merc's Electronic Parts Catalogue, so if you wish to paste your VIN I can look up which pads are listed.

As the owner of an SL with SBC, on the advice of a local specialist, I don't bother deactivating SBC when doing disks and pads: I simply leave the doors firmly closed throughout, so that it doesn't trigger. (But I appreciate that your appetite for risk may vary.)