Returning to Mercedes

Returning to Mercedes



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Thursday 17th June
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Hi guys,

Been away from Merc for a good 5 or so years since owning a C63 6.3

Since then I tried a boring family estate, I then went a bit crazy and had a Lambo Gallardo and currently a Bentley Continental Speed.

I'm jumping from the Speed to a 21 plate C43 coupe whilst the Mrs jumps into a GLC43 as the family car.

I'm quite excited, I know it hasn't the prestige or performance of a Bentley but it's saving me 2 family holidays a year and clears alot of uncertainty for me being a gym owner.

Anything I should look out for either potential problems or enjoyment wise?

Also, looking to take out a service plan with Mercedes for the 2 years I probably own it before getting bored (habit of a lifetime). The website for pricing is down at present - does anyone have this and know what they pay?

Heres a link to the car if anyone is interested;



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Thursday 17th June
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The car looks lovely, although I’d suggest holding out for one with the Premium Plus package (gets you a sunroof, upgraded stereo and some other bits and bobs). The easiest way to tell for sure is to look out for the silver Burmester speakers in the doors. Like this one:

If, like me, you enjoy being able to predict future outlay (I enjoy a good spreadsheet, guilty), the service plan is worth getting. I paid £1090 (I think) for 3 years’ worth of services on my C43 saloon, although they were 20% off at the time. The one ‘major’ service I’ve had since would have been £600 on its own, so well worth it in my opinion.

Mine’s pre-facelift (67) plate, but happy to answer any questions if you have any.