BNG Thanks from Trickie

BNG Thanks from Trickie


Trickie Dickie

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Thursday 13th September 2012
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About time I thanked all the necessary people that made the BNG 2012 what it was this year
and all need a good pat on the back for their hard work

Firstly I have a massive thanks to John & Alison Barrans as I certainly couldn't have coped without them on the day
and also for all their hard work before the event with getting prizes for the raffle etc

Thanks to Dave Shaw and Richard Curnin and the WY guys that helped them all day on the track
Especially to Dave for checking all clean and locking up for me when I needed to get off to sort the evening do

Thanks to Oliver Edwards for the excellent job judging the concours for us
and sorry for having to just leave you to it while I enjoyed myself with flying

Thanks to all the Traders who paid and came along and supported us - and helped make the show viable in the first place.
Certain other local Traders were asked but were suspiciously absent - no more to say there

Thanks especially to TrackVRoad for all their support, (my BNG shirt), and more over that they even ran
their own very generous raffle making us another £235 for the Charities. Well done guys

Thanks to Graham Abbott and all the guys who helped to bring the great attraction that is the Speed 12 and PW's 5000M
I am sure these both attracted many more TVR owners and other petrolheads

Thanks to our Tees Valley friends, who supported us and great you all stayed over for a few drinks
but also donated another £50 (that they had been given for petrol for making someone Prom Night a special night) - Cheers

Thanks to our other neighbours in the North Yorkshire Region who organised and led the 3 popular runs out
Thanks to Jason Brant RO, John Holden and Peter Reid - great job guys
Thanks to DRO Richard Abbott for getting me into this - he did help me with early planning etc
but also carefully planned to be away in France when it happened.!!!! ha ha

Thanks to Tony Shakin who came all the way up from London in his TVR Wedge 400SE to perform his terrific Elvis act
for us and get the evening dinner off to such a Rock n Roll start

Thanks to The Best Western at Milford for an excellent venue, with great staff, lovely rooms and superb food for nearly 80 of us

Thanks to Phil Grayston ( our photographer for the 2 days who
also sorted the Wedgers out for the Wedge Girlie Calendar Photo Shoot on the Sunday

And finally a massive thanks to all at Sherburn who helped so much with such an excellent venue
and a great amount of set up work that was required. Thanks to Richard Maxted and Linda Gosling in particular
- who even got us an ice cream van for Sunday when Saturday was so hot.

After all these thank yous it is just left to thank you all for coming, being generous,
and helping us to finally raise in the region of £2400 for the Candlelighters
Charity (for Children with cancer) and the Motor Neurone Centre Charity.

Many thanks for a great BNG 2012 weekend
Richard "Trickie Dickie" Lee
West Yorks TVR Car Club RO
and BNG 2012 Organiser(now retired!!!!)


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Sunday 12th April 2015
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Thanks Nick and glad you both could join us

Luckily I had a small band of helpers to make me look good
and just sorry we didn't manage the ice cream van on Saturday as well!!!!

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