Quadrifoglio woes; it's too much.

Quadrifoglio woes; it's too much.



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Sunday 16th May
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rubes78 said:
Just placed a deposit on a 2019 QF in Vulcano Black, going to be a long week til I can pick up !
Congrats I really want one but prices are stupid atm


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Sunday 16th May
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4 years with my Quad, it's a pussycat really! So controllable and the traction is actually very good. Just make sure you have appropriate tyres on, and perhaps that you can get the full exhaust noise without having to engage race every time. It's very well behaved in race too, seems to find even more traction weather permitting.


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Sunday 16th May
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croyde said:
I did test-drive a Veloce and it did surprise me how quick it was as exactly, no drama.

Maybe an aftermarket exhaust?
I like the lack of noise smile


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Tuesday 18th May
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generationx said:
This accurately reflects my feelings about it. It's a wonderful, bonkers car.
Between that & what NickyF said….. how can I not buy one! Wonderful & bonkers is exactly what I’m looking for.


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Sunday 30th May
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Dad and I went halves on a QF Sauber F1 edition, picked it up, floored it down the slip way on to the motorway and my 72 year old mum in her Tesla was right up with us, which I thought was quite funny.

The Sauber QF is a wonderful car, we haven’t really driven it much as we aren’t sure what to do with it, it’s sitting in the unit pride of place.

It’s a very quick car and for everyday use id tend to agree maybe a bit over kill, depends how heavy your right foot is I suppose.

Someone mentioned a f type Jag earlier, jumping out of the Alfa in to the Project 7 can feel the difference again, that car bends my mind some days, so much so I only drive it when my mind is clear and roads dry, the acceleration is frightening.

Everything is subjective I suppose.

Ideally you’d have the Alfa as a toy and something mundane for everyday, I drive a van everyday and I’m happy with that.


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Thursday 3rd June
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Not to upset anyone from eariler in the thread but the Quadrifoglio really is derated. Once unstifled with an ECU remap and gearbox map it's startling fast, conservatively 380bhp/ton but the gearbox is where the real difference is felt. Loved my XFR but I'd be very surprised is an F Type Project 7 could live with it on track or road tbh. It's preposterous.
Project 7 365bhp/ton and 7 mins 35 ring time, less than £1000 spent on the QV will make it be noticeable quicker. Sorry HDogs but I'd be surprised if were other wise.

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