595 Turismo vs base T-Jet



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Monday 25th March
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Hi looking for a bit of info/advice.

Am looking to buy an Abarth 595, will be putting my Son on the insurance so had
been looking at early facelift T-jets rather than any of the more powerful models.

On checking the insurance cost just out of curiosity I got a price for base T-jet,
a Turismo and a Trofeo, for reasons I can’t fathom the Turismo is slightly cheaper than
the T-jet and a lot cheaper than the Trofeo.

End result am now considering a Turismo but probably means would need to be a pre
facelift model, am a bit confused about the differences between base and Turismo apart
from power and the leather seats, am I correct in that the pre facelift Turismo had the IHI
turbo and didn’t have the rear Koni dampers? The power difference isn’t so great either
If it’s post facelift T-jet vs pre facelift Turismo.
Also in general terms I have read that the post facelift models are a bit more reliable?

Opinions and info much appreciated


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Saturday 30th March
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It's a minefield but the IHI and Garrett cars are COMPLETLEY different animals.
IHI cars are lethargic and I would never go back to one.
135 145 160 BHP is IHI
165 180 BHP is Garrett.
Difference in outputs is only mapping.
If you drove a Trofeo or early Comp (160 IHI) back to back with a Series 4 Turismo (165 Garrett) you would swear there was at least 40bhp difference!


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Saturday 30th March
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I’m looking at a 2013 Turismo, is this IHI?


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Saturday 30th March
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Yes that would be 160bhp IHI.
Go and drive it, you may find it quick enough.