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Monday 2nd April 2012
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Hi everyone,

I still need to sort out registering my 1991 911 in Italy and I'm still trying to sort out the silly requirements they have here...

So, what's the story for cars with modified exhausts?

As my car is a 1991 model, it's before the Euro 1992 CAT requirement, and as such it has a CAT by-pass fitted along with one of the other 2 mufflers replaced with a by-pass pipe. It's not too loud though.

Does anyone know if I'll need to put these back to standard or will it be OK the way it is?

I'll need to have a Revisione done before I can register it - can any usual garage do this, or will it need to be a special one for registering cars in Italy?




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Wednesday 4th April 2012
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Here is a guide to registering a UK car ImmatricolazioniUK. What you do need is a valid MOT that has been authenticated - by whom seems to be an open point. I believe that the car doesn't normally need to be inspected by the Motorisazione.