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Dry sump 4.8ltr BMW V8

Dry sump 4.8ltr BMW V8



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Monday 16th July 2012
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Has anyone tried to dry sump the Aero BMW 4.8 V8? Found a few sites but wanted to know if anyone had actually done it? Also does anyone know which year/model the engine comes from?




This M5 seems to already use a dry sump:




Look at CJV8 he mentions Morgans.

He says:

"I know John Eales makes a dry sump for the BMW V8's used in the Morgan Aero 8.
Give him a ring on 01455 202 909."


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Sunday 5th August 2012
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I'm not a huge 'Max fan, so pleae take what I post in that spirit.
The best info I have on the Beemer Vee 8 in the 'Max is that it is:
the BMW N62 V8

tech details are as follows

Bore & Stroke: 93mm x 83.3mm
Engine size: 4799 cc (4.8 L)
Power Output: 367 PS (270 kW) @ 6000 rpm
Torque Output: 490 Nm (370 lbf·ft) @ 3600 rpm
Valvetrain setup: DOHC 32-valve Double 'Vanos' Valvetronic
Compression ratio: 10.0:1
So, if one judges it in terms of what BMW currently fit it might be called 'an older generation engine"

It's also worth remembering that while the engine management is Beemer so far as the bulkhead, after that it is a Morgan unit and I do know that sevral max onwer have experiences problems with this interface
I'm sure many of the 'Max owners on a forum like 'Talk Morgan'- and many of them like Aeroman do post on PH- can give you more detailed info