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Garmin Nuvi 50 price drop



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Friday 20th July 2012
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Not recommending this unit as I can't really comment on other systems
BUT if anyone is thinking of buying hold of as the RRP from Garmin is now £99.95.
A certain large car accessory shed is advertising at 50% off but selling at £99.95.
It won't be long before its below this price which makes it good value for the price.


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Wednesday 1st August 2012
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Thanks for the heads up. I have just bought one to add to the Garmin nuvi I already have. This screen is 5" though..was fed up of the sat nav always being in the car I wasn't in!..one more thing ticked off the 'to do' list


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Tuesday 7th August 2012
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Bought one yesterday.... first ever sat nav... and so far it has seems to do what it says on the box..so no complaints (yet)...

Off to Europe for a five country jaunt (if travelling with wife and 3 kiddies can be called a jaunt) tomorrow. If it messes up, it will end up on a hard shoulder, and 'old faithful' (1983 AA map of Europe) will be called into action...


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Friday 31st August 2012
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I've just reserved one at Argos, they're 79.99 in there at the moment. I've a £25 voucher (from a deal I got on my mobile) so brings it down to about 55 quid, hopefully.

My first ever satnav, I'm (sadly) quite excited about getting it. I need to get out more hehe


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Monday 15th October 2012
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thanks for this. I bought one at 80 from Argos as above. Does the job, good screen, and I like Garmin - always feels more grown up than TomTom. f


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Tuesday 19th March 2013
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Does anyone know how to turn the speed camera warning thing off, that comes in the middle of the screen on this system?

I've misplaced the book, and have looked through the menus. I don't mind it warning about the fixed ones, but the 'temporary' ones around here seems to be on almost all the time, and it covers the bit you want to see sometimes!