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Stag cooling help.



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Tuesday 24th July 2012
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Does anyone know if there's a good Stag specialist in North/ Mid Wales to conquer my intermitant overheating problem. Tried all sorts and configerations of pipework, new rad. expansion tank etc. etc. thought I'd finally done it but it played up again. It's doing my head in.

OR if there's somebody close to Dolgellau who reckons they can master it, please come and do it. You WILL be paid, I don't expect a freebee.

Glyn. 07721552108


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Saturday 28th July 2012
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Glyn you say it is intermittent what is the nature of it when it happens is it running about or at speed it occurs? When you say it is overheating is it steam coming out or are you going on the gauge reading ? Are you using a Stag expansion bottle does it vent water into this ?

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