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Spotted Metalic light blue G60

Spotted Metalic light blue G60


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Tuesday 4th September 2012
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Spotted outside a new *cough* house build next to a golf club wink a couple of weeks ago. Looked lovely in the flesh, the pictures I have seen of them don't really do it justice. I presume its Lawerences' given the reg plate.


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Wednesday 5th September 2012
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It is a very old car and was originally a far bio but re hashed and cut and welded and bodged to be a g60 may look nice from outside but these cars are no where near worth £70,000. Take it from someone who used to build them. 99% cable ties, stika flex and p clips. May be the one and only ne you ever see as I can see this car going the same way as the farbound and farbio. They are not exactly flying off the shelf and for someone who has managed to make so much money like Kawerence Tomlinson sacking all the guys who build the G60 today doesn't make much business sense to me.

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Thursday 6th September 2012
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Hi Torque,
I am guessing you are one of the guy sacked then, since you do not mind telling us how it is at the factory , has Ginetta actually made any G60's or are they all old Farbio's that have been revenped, repainted and rebadged? and also, the G40 road car - do you know how many they have actually sold as a road car? How busy are you at the factory? These may be intrusive questions but as a follower of the Ginetta marque for year's it is nice to know how they are ferring up in this current climate.