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my little 211



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Thursday 27th September 2012
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3 months away from driving, but yesterday was the day i picked up my first car, i had looked at mk1 fiestas, vivas, minis all around 2k but i came across what to me is a gem and picked it up for £725 it has done 80k and has a few visual mods, wheels, grill, trim is carbon wrapped, led lights and well im quite happy with it. i will change the interior to half leathers at some point. Please excuse the wingmirrors the had red carbon wrapp on them but had faded so im in the process of taking it off.
it a rover 211 SE and was the ony one i could find on the internet, are they rare?


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Saturday 29th September 2012
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My brother had one years ago.

They are kind of rare as I understand they were a pretty basic spec. The SE in the special edition means they left out a lot of stuff that is in the higher models. Im not trying to st on your parade or anything. They are fun cars and less stuff to go wrong on them!

Id be careful with insurance and that air filter though I guess you probably know that.

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Saturday 6th October 2012
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Not a bad choice, the 1.1's are quite rare but arent as bad as they initially seem, As said before junk the air filter it increases your insurance and decreases your bhp (which you dont have many of) the std ones work very well or alternatively get a ZR 160 one that improves cold air flow and nobody would know the difference if you know what I mean!!!



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Sunday 18th November 2012
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Congratulations on your first car. You have chosen well. The 1.1 200 series is fairly uncommon - I think the reason is that anybody that wanted a cheap to run/insure version when the cars where new, went for the 1.4 8v model.....which are the same to tax, return about the same mpg, are a fair bit more torquey/powerful yet only marginally more to insure.

I would remove the open cone induction kit (infact, its not really a kit) - it may sound nice, may infact be ok on a cooler engine, but once the engine gets hot, it'll be sucking in all of the hot air.....having a detremental effect on performance.

By the way, I am also a MK1 Fiesta fan :-) I take it you are aswell? My VERY first car was a 1992/J Vauxhall Astra 1.4 (very early MK3) before I past my test. Once I had passsed my driving test I got a 1996/N Rover 214i 8v 5 door in British Racing Green, it was a good little car. I changed it for a 1999/T Rover 214 Si 16v - was absolutely fantastic....more powerful, more equipment, more comfy, but I crashed it.

If you have any questions or need any advice with the Rover feel free to message me.