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Boardman or Marin (hybrid)



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Saturday 6th October 2012
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Hi all, recently bought a cheap old £40 bike to see if I could still ride one. (It's been 24 years). I've not yet crashed so am thinking of upgrading.

Options are:
It's only to commute to work (couple miles) I'm in between buying a boardman comp hybrid new £500 or used for around £300 if I can get one. I've seen a used Marin fairfax (18mths old) for £300

Which would you choose?

I know bugger all about bikes. Love the look of the boardman (white) but living in Manchester I don't want it to look like a beacon attracting local thieves (of which there are many). Or the black & less obvious marin

Many thanks


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Saturday 6th October 2012
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If you have to leave it anywhere it might go missing, stick with the knacker and buy the Boardman for weekend fun.


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Sunday 7th October 2012
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For just a couple of miles it's hardly worth buying a nice bike. Anything that fits you, has two wheels and gears that work properly is fine.

Buy the Boardman for weekends. smile


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Sunday 7th October 2012
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Just been out on my boardman hybrid for 21 miles this morning, such a nice bike to ride on cycle tracks. I dont regret buying it for one min. It was nice this morning shooting past dozens of people using their over suspended wide tyred mountain bikes on the part of the c2c route that run right past my house.