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How good will a suspension overhaul feel - e46 330d

How good will a suspension overhaul feel - e46 330d



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Monday 8th October 2012
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10 years old, 176,000 miles. I've put 100k miles on it. As far as I can remember I've never replaced any bushes etc! And Ive heard these are quite critical to a good drive!

Car does feel a little clunky, tracks around the road a bit, feels like it's pulling a little to the side. One tyre very worn on inside.

Don't want to spend money for no reason tho


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Monday 8th October 2012
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Also interested to hear this. My 320d had 145k on the clock, and I've only done the FTAB's and front ARB bushes so far. I figure I'm looking at all new bushes (+ shocks + springs?) if I want it to handle well whe I het 200k. But interested to know if it'll make a big difference, might convince me to spend he money a bit quicker!


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Tuesday 9th October 2012
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It will feel fresh and new again.... Seriously do it, my e46 only had 46k on thee clock and it made a huge difference

kev b

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Tuesday 9th October 2012
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It will make a huge difference but make sure you have the geometry set properly afterwards. I used genuine M3 RTA bushes in my 328Ci, they are more compliant than poly bushes but still heavy duty. I would also strip down your brake calipers as they can cause strange darting and pulling if they are slightly siezed. Before you start, check the floorpan is not cracked around the rear subframe mountings as this is not so easy/cheap to repair.


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Tuesday 9th October 2012
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I recently had the anti roll bar links replaced on my 1998 E46 with 118k and it made a huge difference. Front wishbone bushes are next on the list, so I will be interested to hear your findings!

From what I have heard on here, it makes a very substantial difference.


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Sunday 14th October 2012
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I'm also interested in this. There's a lot of talk on this forum about bushes, OEM v power flex. But there's much less precision about exactly which bushes to replace, and whether to do ARBs, drop links, tie rods, top mounts, shock absorbers and springs or a combination of these into the bargain. Oh, and also whether to have a 4 wheel alignment after and if so which system. A comprehensive guide would be invaluable for high-milers who have only ever replaced what completely failed


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Monday 15th October 2012
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I replaced all 4 springs and shocks and the front ARB bushes all with OEM stuff on my 330Ci at 110k miles. The replacements were due to a broken spring, weeping shock and perished bushes, so they were definitely needed. It feels fantastic - all tramlining on the motorways has disappeared, and it feels nicely planted around the corners. It's the first car I've owned where I've replaced suspension components, but I'm sufficiently impressed with the results to do it again with my next car, even before bits have broken.