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Thursday 11th October 2012
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As some know I race my Pheonix at Sepang and I also have a Locost which my daughter races, but I've just bought her a Caterham Super Sprint for next year, which will be built up over the winter. So I'm looking to do something with the Locost and current plan is to hire it out for weekends at the MSS, it is eligible for the Asian Classic Car Challange, car is currently a 1300 Ford Cross flow but for next year it will be a 1760cc Cross flow with Ford Type 9 5 speed, it has a full cage, race seat/belts, plumbed in Fire Ex, battery cut out, twin webbers etc and runs 7 Inch tyres. (See the picture) we will also change the colour.
Car will be offered for hire at Sepang for Practice, qualifying and two ten lap races excluding race entry fee, (cost of this depends on where you are from) to holders of at least a Class C National Novice Race Licence, and will have full mechanical support for the weekend, (turn up and drive)
There are a few ways to deal with tyres, my thoughts are to offer the car with new Seimi slicks so that is 1400Rm a weekend.
So at last I get to the question, I want to set a budget, so what would people be prepered to pay to hire the car for a weekend? I know what is available at to hire Sepang now but they are all hugly expensive, so much so that no one takes them up.
Alternativly if any one wants to give me 60,000Rm (John?) the car is for sale running a 1300Cross flow and ford 4 speed, with a set of slick tyre/wheels and wet tyre/wheels, with one spare gear box (4 speed) two spare rear axils, two 1600 engines (for rebuild) plus a Big valve Hemi cross flow head with flat topped pistons and lotus rods.


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Thursday 11th October 2012
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Berw said:
we will also change the colour.

Berw said:
Alternativly if any one wants to give me 60,000Rm (John?)
scratchchin tempting but the wife is busy clearing me out on "sensible" investments at the moment (that and me sinking too much cash into my boat this year!!,) so probably not a near term investment for me, more is the shame!

Have to admit I would like something with a number plate on it so that it can drive itself to the track too, as don't fancy running car and tow rig in another country until I have a few more things set up!

Will have a think on the costing part and make a few suggestions though!!