Just bought a Gilbern Invader

Just bought a Gilbern Invader



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Monday 16th July 2007
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Hey all! We've just bought a Gilbern Invader, mainly for use in classic car rallies.

It runs lovely but there are a few things to be carried out to get it upto scratch. Firstly, the exhausts, they are very low! Secondly, the carpet and headlining need replacing. Fortunately the previous owner fitted an electic fuel pump which we've heard is a good idea.

Now we're looking for advice... anything to watch out for? Change immediately? Fortunately, we work at a motor factor so getting old of some parts won't be a problem, however there are going to be parts which we can't get hold of - any advice where we could get gilbern specific parts if required?

Finally,is it possible to fit a power steering to the Invader?




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Saturday 21st July 2007
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Pop over to the Gilbern Owners Club site http://www.gilbernoc.co.uk
You will find all the information and conacts there.
If you let us know which car, model - reg - chassis no. etc. perhaps we can tell you some history (or vis versa)

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