For those of us that have it here's where we can organise races on Mario Kart.

Best to add us all as friends - here is the current list of friend codes, please add to it if you want to race us.

PH Name Wii Friend Code Wii Name
A1GOY 2320-6273-3954 Goy
bluest2 1590-4851-5324
_daveR 0989-1877-2541 Daaave
DucatiGary 1848-1806-3248 Gary
Kinky 1934-0786-7702 Kinky
pmanson 0989-1875-1701 pmanson
Pulsatingstar 0602-6400-1783 Mr Lee
Gingerbread Man 0559-6952-6590 Ginger
cw42 3609-1222-9365 dad
Robatr0n 0903-2928-3079 Rob
Silver Lightning 0516-7478-6253 Steve
Legmaster 0817-3944-5416 Legmaster
ginettag27 3480-2752-7957 EPS
A-W 2492-4299-0243 Adam
Shnozz 3265-5269-3381 Shnozz
Mel 1118-0431-8135 Mel
ChrisO 2191-7784-0279 ChrisO
Timsta 1848-2030-8394 Tim
debanks 3308-5106-7137 Daz
PrivatePile 3308-5217-1171 Joke
spydersingh 0817-4403-7924 B17E DR
GHW 0216-2976-8016 Olly
MK4Slowride 1806-2864-8204 Slowride
Silverbullet767 4811-7067-6603 Dave
Republik 5414-0797-8267

See you all on the track!